Mickey D's evil twin

the Colonel's Chinese girlfriend

getting off the plane... whoa!
my 1st trip in 2009 post the SARS scare

A bit blurry, but it says liberate Taiwan...
and I thought it was the other way around!
Who to believe?! Oh, so confusing!

Without the Communist Party,
there wouldn't be a New China!

This was a karaoke channel on TV.

my favorite purchase in China, a propaganda magazine
that promises to expose the secrets of Taiwan!
Oh goodie!

I think I got the point...

Bathroom sign says if you violate this (by pooping),
your cooking utensils will be confiscated!

A humbling experience for anyone...

What I got when trying to sell a moped on the Beijinger
they really love Google Translate here...

for some reason, there were some fishies just chilling on the floor around 7 in the morning before this restaurant opened... weird, huh?! when the restaurant opened they were gone... did they just decide to take a walk in the middle of the night?? how did that happen?

fashion alert! ankle-length stockings/socks with sandals/loafers! apparently a popular look sported by middle-aged peeps... also couple's shirts seem to be the thing to do

Rules, rules, rules!
Telling citizens how to behave...
#6: don't force foreigners to take photos with you

Love the flag.
Sing the national anthem.
Speak Mandarin.

chair chained so it won't be stolen?

I like the idea of "minus 1" floor. ha!
A pat on the back for lovely cleaning staff
who would "magically appear" when you litter
in any touristy area...

although someone inside this store simply told me
to "move!" when apparently me standing in line
was in the way of her mopping route...